All Users must Activate their account when they are added to the system. This confirms their email address and provides them with their initial login. When you first create a new User an email confirmation is automatically sent to the User when you save the new User. In some cases, like when the User has accidentally deleted the Activation Email, you may need to resend the Activation Email. In the Admin Sidebar click on Users.

You will now see the User list. You can view all of your Users and page through if you have additional Users. You can also use the Search Box to search for Users.

The Action Buttons on the left side of the grid allow you to make changes to your users. Here are the different Actions associated with each button.

Edit User - this allows you to edit various information about the User

This brings you to the Edit User Modal Window. If you check the Send Activation Email box and click Save, a new Avtivation Email will be sent to the User.