IncidentAnalytix supports using Two Factor Authentication for added security during Login. There are several configuration steps required to enable Two Factor Authentication:

  1. Two Factor Authentication first must be enabled at the Server Level by the Host Administrator for Tenants on the server - this is in the Administration/Settings/Security tab.

  2. It must be enabled at the Tenant Level - this is in the Administration/Settings/Security tab for that Tenant. The settings include:
    • Enable two factor user login
    • Enable email verification (required if using Email Two Factor Authentication)
    • Enable Google Authenticator
    • Allow to remember browser

  3. It must be enabled on the Individual User Account level - this is in Administration /Users/ tab. This can be set when the User is first created, or if the User already exists, you will need to go in and select the User and click Edit in the Action button and check Two Factor Authentication enabled.

There are two different mechanisms for Two Factor Authentication:

Email Authentication

  • Code Sent Via Email - In order to use this, the User must have already verified their email address. This flags their User Account that the email address is valid and belongs to that user in order to implement Two Factor Authentication. Email validation may have occurred when the original User account was set up. If not, the User can click on the Resend Email Activation link on the Login page.

    Once the email is verified, when the User goes to login, they enter their username and password. They will then receive an email with a 6-digit numerical code which they will need to enter in order to complete the login process.


Google Authenticator

To use Google Authenticator, enable two factor user login then enable Google Authenticator in host settings Security tab.


  • Install Google Authenticator mobile app to your mobile phone (Search for "Google Authenticator" to install).
  • In AspNet Zero, go to My settings -> Two Factor Login tab and enable Google Authenticator.

  • After enabling Google Authenticator, you will see a QR Code like below. Open your app and scan QR code.

After that you will be able to use Google Authenticator during two-factor login.

  • When you try to login, you will see Google Authenticator option:

  • Select GoogleAuthenticator and then open Google Authenticator mobile app on your mobile phone.

  • Enter the code you see on the Google Authenticator app as the verification code: