Only Admins can add new Users. Go to the Admin section and click on Users.

That will take you to the User Grid. Click on the Create User button.

A Modal Window will open allowing you to Create a User. The first tab allows you to add the User Information. The second tab allows you to assign one or more Roles to the User. You should set up Roles before you start to add Users.

When you click on the Create User button a Modal Window will open with two tabs. The first tab is for User Information:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Username
  • Password
    • Set Random Password - if checked the User will be issued a Random Password, if unchecked you will be prompted to
    • Enter a Password for the User
    • Require the User to change their password on next login (essential if you set a Random Password or enter a Password for the User)
  • Send an Activation Email to the User
  • Set whether the User is Active - depending on your Subscription you may have only X number of Active Logins. In that case you can create as many Logins as you wish but on X number can be Active. 
  • Check if Lockout is Enabled - if checked the User will be locked out after 5 failed login attempts.

Create User with Default Values Checked    
Create User with Default Values Unchecked - showing other password options   

The second table allows you to select Roles. In this case there are only two roles defined, Admin and User. When you define a Role you can set one Role to be the default Role assigned to new Users. In this example the User Role is set as the default Role so that one is automatically checked when you click onto the Roles tab.

Once a new User is created that person will be sent an email with a login link. They will need to click the link and then we immediately need to set up their own password. Admins cannot create passwords for Users for obvious security reasons.