The Active Sidebar appears once you are looking at a specific Incident. Clicking on the < opens up the submenus for that section. You can collapse the sidebar by clicking on the hamburger menu at the top left of the screen. Everything that is accessible in the left sidebar relates to the current Incident you are looking at in the main window.

What items are displayed in the sidebar depends both of the items that your organization has decided to track (items that are not tracked will not appear on the sidebar). The sidebar items are also determined by the Roles and Permissions that a specific logged in User has been given. In the screenshot below the logged in User is an Administrator so the Admin Home Page link is displayed at the top of the sidebar. If the User did not have that Role/Permission, that link would not appear.

Once collapsed you can hover over the icons in the sidebar and the submenus will fly out. Click the hamburger menu again to expand the sidebar.

Within each Sidebar Category you will typically see three options:

  • List - Will show you a SmartGrid list of data of that type for the Incident you are currently viewing
  • Add - Will take you to the Add New page to add a new data item of this type for the Incident you are currently viewing
  • Summary - Will show you a Summary of all of the data for this data type for all of your Incidents