This is an overview for how to create an Incident. For details see the information on each Data Type that IncidentAnalytix tracks.

You start the process by creating an Incident Event. Click on Add Incident in the Sidebar or if you are looking at the Incident List SmartGrid, click the Add button. That will bring up the Add Incident page. Enter your information and move from section to section by clicking through the sections on the blue header bar. For details see the Incident Data Type.

Once you have added an Incident you'll be taken to the Incident Detail page showing what you have just added and the Active Sidebar will appear on the left. Now you can add additional data types about this specific Incident by expanding the appropriate Category in the Sidebar and clicking on the Add link. FOr example, if you wanted to add Contributing Factors to your Incident click on Contributing Factors in the sidebar to expand that section and then click on the Add link.

That will take you to the Add Contributing Factors page. You'll notice that as you drill down there will be a Header Section identifying what Incident you are currently working with. The Header contains the basic information about the Incident and clicking the title link will take you back to the main Incident Details page. Now you can add your new data and then you will be taken to the Detail page for your new Data. 

Simply continue to access the sidebar to add the appropriate data you need for your Incident.

Add Child Data

After you have added an Incident Event you can then add Child Data beneath that Incident Event. You must select the Parent Incident before adding Child Data (like a Person) beneath the Incident. Once a Person has been added you would need to select the Person before adding Child Data like a Person Injury.