The specific data types that appear in the User Interface are defined by your Organization Administrator who determines what data items your organization has chosen to track. 

See the detailed information on each Data Type.

Within each Data Type you will typically see three options:

  • List - Will show you a SmartGrid list of data of that type for the Incident you are currently viewing
  • Add - Will take you to the Add New page to add a new data item of this type for the Incident you are currently viewing
  • Summary - Will show you a Summary of all of the data for this data type for all of your Incidents

Major Data Types


  • Incident vs Close Call
  • Date & Time 
  • Program Activity 
  • Severity


  • Injury
  • Illness 
  • Behavioral 
  • Legal
  • Treatment
  • Equipment Involved


  • Staff 
  • Participants 


  • Environment Type
  • Environmental Conditions 
  • Location
  • Weather
  • Terrain


  • Property Damage
  • Equipment Involved
  • Vehicles


  • Communication in and out about the Incident
  • Notifications about Incident within your Organization

Contributing Factors

  • Contributing Factors to the Incident


  • Legal Issues arising from Incident
  • Insurance Claim
  • Police Report


  • Files and Documents
  • Images
  • Video

Post Incident

  • Response after the Incident
  • Review
  • Reporting - either optional or required


  • Witness
  • Witness Statements