What are the different IncidentAnalytix Cloud Solutions?

We offer three distinct options for our Cloud-based Service:

Public Cloud: Expand your insights with the Power of Many
Our Public Cloud is perfect for small to medium-sized organizations. Our multi-tenant system securely isolates your data. For analytics purposes we merge anonymized data across the Public Cloud giving you the power of many expanding your insights by allowing you to compare your trends to larger industry trends enhancing your own risk management practices.

Private Cloud: Your own Vertical Integration  Platform
Our Private Cloud offers Associations, Membership Organizations, and Large Entities the option to create your own private cloud server with multiple isolated tenants each with multiple users and collective analytics allowing vertical integration for common incident tracking portfolios.

Self-Hosted: Complete Customization for your Enterprise
Corporations and Government Agencies can purchase an  independent software license allowing them to host a multi-tenant/multi-user system on their own servers as well as fully customize the software, database schema & analytics for their unique needs.

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