Many of the values within IncidentAnalytix are provided by dropdown lists from our database which ensures consistent data entry. Those lists are very comprehensive. However, your organization may not need all of the values available. For certain lists, we provide your organization the ability to customize what values appear in your list. You can customize lookup values for your organization by moving items from one list to the other. The left-side list shows all of the available items. If the right-side list is empty, then you will have access to all values. If you move items into the right-side, your new custom list will only display those values. If you want to remove a value from your custom list, move it from the right-side back to the left.

Important Note: once you begin adding data, you might have used a value from your custom list. If you try and remove it from your custom list, you'll receive an message saying that the item cannot be removed since it would invalidate existing data. Simply leave that item in your custom list.

Access the Customize Lookup Lists section from the Configuration menu on the sidebar.

  • Select the Dropdown List you wish to customize
  • Select the item you want to add to your custom list from the left-side and click the Add to Custom List button

  • Select the item you want to remove from your custom list from the right-side and click the Remove from Custom List button

  • Once adding a customized value, if that value has been used, you cannot delete it from the right side.

  • If customizing, always include values like -- Not Selected -- and -- Unknown -- Some dropdownlists are required, so Users need a default option if what they need is not currently in the customized list. If you don't have a Not Selected/Unknown default, Users can submit incorrect data.

This video will walk you through the process of customizing dropdown lists.