Data which is considered Personally Identifiable Information (PII) may be regulated by various national and international statutes. IncidentAnalytix allows you to enter PII data into the database since some organizations are not impacted by these regulations. It is up to each Organization submitting data to IncidentAnalytix to know whether anyone you collect data on is included under one or more of these laws or statutes.  

Whenever a data field is specifically PII data, we highlight that data in the interface so that you can consider if you should or should not enter data. In almost all cases, you are not required to enter PII data. The one exception is if you enter information about a some type of person (example Person, Participant, Staff, Witness, etc.), you must at least enter data into the Last Name Field so that you can distinguish between individuals Grids and Data Displays. You do not need to enter the person's real name. You can simply enter pseudonym like "Person 1" in the Last Name field. 

Some data fields only become PPI when combined with other data fields. For example, including Country and/or State/Province, perhaps even City might not be enough to allow personal identification of any one individual. Including Street Address information along with those other fields, would make that record PII. Any single data item which is directly connected to only one unique individual like an Email Address or Phone Number is PII.

It is possible to enter PII data in any of the Large Text Boxes if, for example, you include First Name and Last Name or other PII Data. Large Text Boxes are not identified on forms as containing possible PII data so you must be aware of what data is entered in Large Text Boxes.

Here are just some of the Data Privacy Laws which may impact the data you choose to input:

Sample form showing highlighted PII data fields