Data Isolation is an important part of IncidentAnalytix. When you login to an IncidentAnalytix Server, you are required to enter three pieces of information:

  1. Organization Customer Name (aka Tenant Name)
  2. User Name
  3. Password

These three items are all unique and create a secure connection to your User Account for a single organization. During the login process several key pieces of information are stored in a secure Session Value that is passed between your browser and the Web server, the unique Organization Id (aka Tenant Id) and your unique User Id. These values are stored in a way that they cannot be read or tampered with in the browser and are removed when you log out of the session. 

Whenever you search for data or create/edit data the Tenant Id is applied as a filter for each row of data in the database. That means that you can only interact with rows of data that have your unique Tenant Id. At that same time no one from another organization can view or interact with specific rows of your data because they have a different Tenant Id. No one from another organization on the same server will be able to access your individual data rows. This secures your data from any other Organization on the same server that has a different Tenant Id. 

We do provide Power BI Data Analytics that merges data across all organizations hosted on the same server. This data is displayed in chart form as aggregate only and does not include specific rows of data or details linking it to any specific Tenant Id on the server.