General Settings

General Host Settings

Timezone allows each user to see  system dates and times for the system in their own time zone based on the internal settings of their computer or device. Time zone setting in this page allows you to set default time zone for the entire application including all Tenants and Users. This is only used for things like system emails, login times, etc. Timezone settings for Incident Data is handled separately.

Tenant Management Settings

You can configure settings related to Tenant management under "Tenant Management" tab: 

  • Tenants self-registration is disabled on the system meaning only Host Admins can create new Tenants. 
  • You can also make newly registered Tenants active or passive.
  • Enable/disable captcha on tenant registration page.
  • You can also select a default edition, so a newly registered Tenant will be assigned to this edition automatically unless the Tenant subscribes to a specific edition.

User Management

User Management Settings

User related settings can be configured under this tab:

  • You can force email confirmation for login. 
  • You can enable phone number verification. 
  • Also, you can enable cookie consent so the application shows a cookie consent bar for the users to accept cookie policy of your application.
  • You can enable/disable captcha on login page.
  • You can also enable/disable session timeout control. If it is enabled and the user does not provide any input to the site during the timeout period, a countdown modal will be displayed to user. If the user still does not provide an entry to the site during the modal countdown period, the user will be log out.
  • Each Tenant can allow Tenant users to use Gravatar profile picture or not.


Security Settings

Security tab in host settings page contains password complexity settings.:

  • Host can define system wide password complexity settings in this tab. NOTE: The minimum password length allowed is 12 and this minimum value cannot be changed.
  • Each Tenant can override the password complexity settings (but not the length) in Tenant settings page.
  • This tab also contains user lock-out settings and two factor login settings.