These are the available settings for individual Tenants within a Public or Private Cloud application.

General Settings

General settings

  • Under the general tab, each tenant can configure default time zone setting for users of that tenant. Each user of the tenant can also change this setting for their own account.
  • If tenant doesn't make any change, time zone setting of host will be used.


Appearance settings

Under the appearance tab, each tenant can upload a logo file. In this way, each tenant can change the look of the application only for their account. Uploaded logo files can be easily removed by using the clear button. 

User Management

User management settings

Under the user management tab, each tenant can configure some user management settings related to their account:

  • Each tenant can enable/disable user registration for their account. 
  • Tenants can also make newly registered users for their account active or passive by default.
  • Each tenant can also enable/disable captcha on user registration and login page for their account.
  • Each tenant can also enable/disable session timeout control. If it is enable and the user does not provide any input to the site during the timeout period, a countdown modal will be displayed to user. If the user still does not provide any input to the site during the modal countdown period, user will be log out.
  • Also, each tenant can enable/disable cookie consent so the application shows a cookie consent bar for the users of that tenant to accept cookie policy of the application.
  • Each tenant can force email confirmation for login.
  • Each tenant can allow tenant users to use Gravatar profile picture or not.


User management settings

Security tab contains password complexity settings:

  • Each tenant can define password complexity settings in this tab for their account. 
  • Each tenant can also configure user lock out settings.