Tenant Management

If this is a multi-tenant application and you logged in as a host user, then tenants page is shown:

Tenant management page

When we click the "Create New Tenant" button, a dialog is shown:

Tenant Creation Modal

Tenancy name should be unique within each server and must be at least 2 characters, start with a letter and continue with letter, number, dash or underscore. These are the only characters permitted. Name can be anything. Admin email is used as email address of the admin user of new tenant. 

The first Admin user is automatically created with the Tenant. We can set a random password for the new admin and send an activation email. When user first logins, they should change the password. We can uncheck this to enter a known password.

Once you assign an edition to the tenant, you can select an expiration date (see edition management section to know what happens after subscription expiration).

Tenant Edition and Features

An Edition can be assigned to a tenant (while creating or editing). Tenant will inherit all features of the assigned edition. But we can also override features and values for a tenant. Click actions/change Features for a tenant to customize its features:

Tenant features

Tenant User Impersonation

As a host user, we may want to perform operations in behalf of a tenant. In this case, we can click the "Login as this tenant" button in the actions. When we click it, we see a modal to select a user of the tenant. We can select any user and perform operations allowed that user. See User Impersonation section in this document for more information.