Creating an Excel Bulk User Upload File

Download the Excel Sample File from the Users page. Click the Excel operations dropdown and the click here link to download the sample Excel file.

The Sample Excel file has three Sheets:

  1. Sheet1 - where you create your data to import
  2. Instructions - with instructions
  3. Generate Password - a sheet to generate random passwords. This should be used for the first login only. Users should reset their password after the first login.


  • Enter the data to import in the designated columns on Sheet1. 
  • Cut and paste Name (First Name), Surname (Last Name), and EmailAddress (ALL REQUIRED)
  • PhoneNumber is optional
  • AssignedRoleNames is optional. You can assign multiple Roles by separating them with a comma. If you do not enter a role it will assign whatever your Default User Role is during the import.
  • Remove the sample data row before saving your spreadsheet.

Username in Column 1 must be characters only - no spaces. It is set up to automatically create a Username by concatenating the First Name and Last Name fields and removes spaces. Simply paste the FirstName and Surname values in. The highlighted cells all have the username formula applied. NOTE: You can override this by typing directly into the Cell which will overwrite the automatically created value. The Username cannot contain leading spaces, spaces in the middle or trailing spaces, only characters.

Generate Password Sheet

This spreadsheet can automatically generate unique passwords for logins. Go to the Generate Password Sheet. Click on the right bottom corner of Cell A2 and drag down to generate as many passwords as you need. Select all of the generated passwords and copy them to the Clipboard. Typically you would require new users to immediately reset their passwords on their first login.

If you chose to enter your own passwords, they must match our minimum password standards or the User will not be imported. This is: 

  • At least 12 characters
  • At least 1 letter, 1 number and 1 special character

Copy your generated passwords back into the Password column on Sheet1. Go to Cell F2 on Sheet1 and then right click in the cell. In the popup box, SELECT PASTE AS VALUES OPTION to paste just the text values into the cells.

IMPORTANT: If you don't Paste as Values, Excel will paste the formula and create totally new passwords whenever something changes in the document and your user won't get the correct password. This is Excel's default behavior - it always recalculates formulas when opening and closing a document. By pasting the text values only, you are entering the password simply as text into the cell and the text will never change. 

How long the import process takes, depends on the size of your Excel file. Typically it will be done in 1-2 minutes. Simply click refresh on your browser after that time and you should see all the newly imported users.