The IncidentAnalytix Mobile App is a Progressive Web App (PWA) which can be downloaded and installed on any device with a web browser including PCs (Linux, Mac, Windows) oryour Mobile Device (IOS or Android). Open a Web Browser on your Mobile Device and navigate to your site URL but with a .app extension at the end instead of .io extension (ex. becomes

Your Mobile Device browser will prompt you with a 'do you want to install this app' message. Select yes to install the Mobile App on your device. It will take a few minutes to download and then an icon will appear on your Mobile Device screen. Click the icon to launch the IncidentAnalytix Mobile App and you will be prompted to login to your organization.

The Mobile App is only available for use if your organization has purchased Mobile App User Licenses. Please contact your system administrator to confirm that this feature is available before installing the Mobile App.

Instructions on how to install a PWA Install - Documentation