The Mobile App works in both online and offline mode. When you first download the Mobile App Progressive Web App to your device, the app is installed. You will need to Login to an existing IncidentAnalytix server under a particular Tenant Account on the server. Doing so will download information like Lookup Table data particular to your Tenant. Once that is complete, you are ready to begin entering Incident Data.

The Mobile Login is attached to a separate Mobile User Account. If you also have a Web Application Account, these two logins are completely separate, although you may use the same email address for each.

Online Mode

If you have an active internet connection, each time you save data on your device, it us automatically saved to the server. If you make edits and save, those edits are automatically submitted to the server. The data also resides in local storage on your device (see Removing Data below).

Offline Mode

If you do not have an active internet connection, the data is only stored locally on your device. This also would be the case if you started entering data online and then lose your internet connection. The data is still stored on your device after you press Save for that item. It has an Unsynced status because it has not been uploaded to the server.

For example, you might have entered an Incident while you have an internet connection. You lose the connection while entering Person information. When you press Save the Person information will be Unsynced and only stored locally on your device.

Syncing Data

When you have been offline and now have internet service again you can Sync your data. The Mobile App will display what data is Unsynced (is stored locally on your device only) and a Sync Button is displayed. Clicking the Sync button will send all of your data to the server. If there are multiple types of data (ex. an Incident, a Person, and a Person Behavior) the Sync process will submit each data type in order (the Incident must exist in the database first before the Person connected to the Incident can be submitted, etc.)

Removing Data

After data has been Synced to the server it should be deleted from your device. This can be accomplished by: