We are excited about the IncidentAnalytix 4.0 release which adds significant enhancements across the entire platform. 

Mobile App

The Mobile App expands the use of all products within the IncidentAnalytix platform. The Mobile App is a lightweight Progressive Web App built on Microsoft Blazor which can be installed on any device (mobile phone, tablet or computer) and allows online and offline incident data collection. Data can be synced to your server when you have an internet connection. This one-way data push approach allows the Mobile App to be widely distributed across your organization giving field workers the ability to enter incidents in real time.

New Data Types

We have added a number of new data types for incident tracking including:

  • Person Restraint/Therapeutic Hold application
  • Person Medication
  • Person Alleged Restraint/Therapeutic Hold application
  • Person Alleged Medication

UI Improvements

Color Scheme

We have simplified the color palette to enhance readability.

Help Information

  • We have expanded the Tour Features accessed from button in the top right navigation bar to include more features about IncidentAnalytix with direct links to these Support Pages.

SmartGrid Enhancements

  • Now include a SmartGrid instruction popup.
  • Enhanced Seach Features in SmartGrids: a Search Box allows rich searching across the SmartGrid.
  • Enhanced Filtering: Filtering is available across all fields in the SmartGrid.
  • Clear Filter button: removes all filters that you have applied through the Filter Pane or any search terms you have entered into the Search Box.
  • Summary SmartGrids include both Excel and PDF export features.
  • Summary SmartGrids include additional hidden fields which can be toggled on and included in searches and filtering.