Linked Accounts allow you to move either between different Users on the same Tenant or between different Tenants and Users without logging out and logging back in. With this feature, you create Linked Accounts and then can switch between accounts with a single click. It maps those accounts (users) in database and logs out & logs in automatically when you want to switch. This is similar to User Impersonation.

Public Cloud Scenario: On a Public Cloud you are a single Tenant with multiple User Accounts on your Tenant. You can create a Linked Account to other users on your Tenant and login as that user with a single click and then return back your own account with a single click. In order to link to another User Account, you must know that person's Username and Password. 

Private Cloud Scenario: You have an Administrative Level account on a Private Cloud Server (or you are a Host) that has Tenant A and Tenant B. You have User Accounts on both Tenants. As the Host you can create a link to a User Account on Tenant A and a link to a User Account on Tenant B. This will allow you to go from your Host Account to Tenant A, Tenant B and back to your Host Account with single clicks. You can either link to your own accounts on different Tenants or link to another user's account on a different Tenant (which requires you knowing their username and password).

SECURITY CONSIDERATIONS: When you are logged in as another User through a Linked Account (or User Impersonation) any data entry is recorded under the User Id of the person you are logged in as.

Assuming you already have accounts on Tenant A and Tenant B:

Step 1 - Create the Linked Account

  • Login to Tenant A
  • Click on Manage Links in the User Menu dropdown (top right)
  • Click on Create new Linked Account
  • Enter the complete login credentials: Tenant Name, Username and Password for the account on Tenant B

Step 2 - Login as Tenant B

  • Login to Tenant A
  • Click on Manage Links in the User Menu dropdown (top right)
  • Select the Tenant/Username that you wish to login as and click login
  • You will see the Tenant Name/Username in the top right navigation bar reflect your new login
  • When you want to exit from Tenant B, 

You can remove a Linked Account by clicking on the Manage Links and selecting the account you wish to delete.

NOTE: If you link to someone else's User Account and they change their password, then your linked account will not work until you update to their new password.

Create New Linked Account

Enter complete Login credentials

Click the Login button to access your Linked Account

To return to a different account click Manage Linked Accounts and select the account